Medworx Children's Face Shields

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Product Details

Our Reusable Children’s face shields are comfortable, have anti-fog technology, and look great. These full-face shields have an elastic head strap, and soft cushion designed to provide maximum comfort for longer periods. The complete seal around the forehead prevents the risk of aerosol passing down from above.

Children can head off to school in style with bespoke packs chosen by them, ensuring that safety is made fun and collaborative.

The Medworx kids face shield solution has been developed with quality and sustainability in mind. All components, manufacturing processes and assembly activities are either sourced or carried out in the United Kingdom. This allows us to precisely control quality and supply giving our partners a service and a product which can be relied on, whilst supporting the local British economy.

To meet the demand in the UK our manufacturing and assembly processes have been set up across two separate sites, this allows us to flex our output significantly whilst ensuring continuity of supply.

Key Features

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): EN166 / Category 3 Product and manufacture process certified
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • CE Certified: Meets European standards for health, safety and environmental protection
  • Approved and Trusted supplier of many Government Departments
  • Elastic headband: Elastic strap and flexible clear plastic covering allows for the perfect fit.
  • Soft-seal fitting against forehead: No air gaps to prevent aerosol passing down from above
  • 250-micron ultra-clear plastic lens: Can be used for prolonged periods - no colour distortion
  • Clear label: to identify the owner
  • 80k per day manufacture
  • 100% Service Level Agreement Achieved
  • 50 years of business heritage
  • UK secure material supply base
  • ISO 09001
  • ISO 014001
  • FCS & PEFC

Packs Contain

  • 2 Pack contains: 2 children's face shields
  • 4 Pack contains: 4 children's face shields
  • 10 Pack contains: 10 children's face shields
  • 50 Pack contains: 50 children's face shields
CE Certificate of Conformity